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Josh Paley's Web Stuff

The Official Important Stuff

"Code--The New Literacy" from Code.org

Stuff About Me

Contact information:
    Math Department phone: (650) 354-8247
    Email: jpaley@pausd.org. I tend to be an email fiend. I typically check email at least twice per day.

BJC for PAUSD Teachers
CS course roadmap in the PAUSD
CS course roadmap at Gunn
Engineering Pathways at Gunn

Courses that I teach:
    AP Computer Science
    Programming Concepts [uses Scheme]
    Intro Java

Back To School Night Presentation
    Graphically Challenged Back To School Night Presentation (useful if you are unable to attend Back to School Night)

Courses that I have taught:
    2009-2012: Animation Using Virtual Worlds [used BYOB, Snap!, and Alice]
    2008-2009: Geometry
    2006-2008: Algebra 1
    2004-2006: Algebra 2
    2002-2004: Geometry/Algebra 2A
    2002-2003: Computer Math

Stuff Worth Knowing

    If you plan on taking AP CS at Gunn, please read this
    An introduction to computers with some sage advice
    CoderDojo identifies lots of languages and places to start for beginners and more advanced programmers alike
    Engineering roadmap and course descriptions
    How to tell if you are in the right CS class
    AP COMPUTER SCIENCE SUMMER HOMEWORK (Mandatory only if you have not taken Intro to Java)
    Things I consider when writing a college recommendation
    Jobs and enrollment data in Computer Science
    Cool Student Projects

Other Stuff

    Gunn Chess Hall of Fame
    Stuff Students Have Done
    Class Policy (This is long, but comprehensive.)
    Music That Is Good
    The Gunn Daily Bulletin
    The Inexplicable Gunn Bell Schedule
    iARoC ROBOTICS CONTEST (different from GRT)

Other Other Stuff
    Comicomatic by Margo Burns with art by my sister and GODLIKE WRITING BY ME can yield this:

Note that copying is NEVER okay on tests in any of my classes. However, it is okay to talk to your classmates about projects and homeworks even if they are not members of your work groups.


I wish to thank Brian Harvey from the University of California, Berkeley for his support and way cool class policy text. I also wish to thank Mike Clancy from the same university for his excellent suggestions and time in thinking about curriculum.

Note that the rules on copying are a bit different in the software business as opposed to say, in the classroom on homeworks and tests or in the "real world" in journalism. There are cases where copying is okay--and I literally mean copying--but always acknowledge the blood, sweat, and tears of those who did the work. Not only will you be adhering to copyright laws, but you would probably like others to do the same for your work. Before you copy, do look into what kind of legal issues there may be. There is a big difference between a copyleft and a copyright.

As a matter of etiquette--even if plagiarism were not an issue--acknowledgments should appear as a matter of course on web pages.