1. Download the GridWorld ZIP file from the course home page.
   (The link is at the top of the page.)
2. Move the ZIP file somewhere convenient.
3. Double click on the files and extract the GridWorldCode folder.
   It should be somewhere that is NOT in the workspace folder.
4. In Eclipse, create a new Java project; DESELECT "Use default location"
   and click Browse to specify the GridWorldCode folder.  Click Finish.
5. Do Refactor --> Move and SELECT the "Use default location" to put
   GridWorld into the workspace folder.
6. To verify that things are working, open the GridWorldCode project,
   then projects/firstProject, then (default package) and run

This should be all you need to do.  If it doesn't work, please check
with me or your peers or just delete the project and try again.