Given the below code, write delete! (at the end) which takes a key and a table as its inputs and deletes the key-value pair from the table if the key is found.

Hint: Draw a picture of a table and think about what the table would look like after the deletion.

(define (make-table)
  (cons '* ()))
(define (empty-table? t) (null? (cdr t)))

(define (insert! key value table)
  (let ((record (assoc key (cdr table))))
    (if record
        (set-cdr! record value)
        (set-cdr! table
                  (cons (cons key value) (cdr table)))))

(define (lookup k t)
  (let ((record (assoc k (cdr t))))
    (cond (record (cdr record))
          (else #f))))
(define (assoc key records)
  (cond ((null? records) #f)
        ((equal? key (caar records)) (car records))
        (else (assoc key (cdr records)))))

(define (rlookup k t)
  (let ((record (rassoc k (cdr t))))
    (cond (record (car record))
          (else #f))))
(define (rassoc value records)
  (cond ((null? records) #f)
        ((equal? value (cdar records)) (car records))
        (else (rassoc value (cdr records)))))

(define (delete! k t)