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Computer Science Principles

an offshoot of UC-Berkeley's CS10 "The Beauty and Joy of Computing"

What's Your Project?

BJC Web Site

BJC Curriculum

Code.org videos

Cool Student Work Gallery

How to do a shoutkey to share work

Student shared links

Useful Tools (not part of Snap! core)

RGB pens

Creating a Snap! app with Snapp!

Presentation sheet

Questions to consider when thinking about a presentation

Blown To Bits


Download the whole book for free, under the Creative Commons license, at http://www.bitsbook.com/excerpts.
The full text of the book is here: http://www.bitsbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/B2B_3.pdf

Harry Lewis's blog often contains relevant topics: http://harry-lewis.blogspot.com/

Scratch Stuff

The Scratch Web Site

Scratch Favorites (Help this grow by putting fun projects on the Internet)

As you go along, you may find that you have completed the homework for the current week and you are therefore ahead of schedule. If you get ahead by a couple of weeks and have a neat idea for a project, please let me know. I often give extra credit for projects, but I need to agree to whether an extra credit project proposal is worthy of extra credit.

The Syllabus (subject to change)

B2B: Blown to Bits reading

PL: Programming Lab
SIL: Social Implications Lab
IN: Investigation


1/4: Teacher work day

Fractal Tree


Introduction to Snap!

Code.org video on what Most Schools Don't Teach

The Internet: Wires, Cables, and Wifi

Field of flowers problem
1/11--1/15 Introduction to Snap!

How to do Pair Programming

The Internet: IP Addresses and DNS


Improve the fractal tree

Kaleidoscope starter kit; Directions for making a Kaleidoscope

B2B: SIL5: Tanya Rider story (pp. 1--4)

B2B: Is technology good or bad? (pp. 13--17, pp. 4--13 (Koans))

BJC: Debugging a block

BJC: Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing: PL1, PL2, and SIL4


1/18: MLK Birthday
Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing

The Internet: Packets, Routing, and Reliability

Digital Compression

BJC: Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing: PL1, PL2, and SIL4

Driverless cars

And more on driverless cars

Stingray (long, but good)

1/26--1/30 Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing

The Internet: HTTP and HTML

Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement speech at Stanford

BJC: Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing: PL1, PL2, and SIL4

Pong starter kit

If you get done with Pong, try Breakout. Here is a Breakout starter kit

2/2--2/6 Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing The Internet: Encryption and Public Keys

BJC: Conditionals, Abstraction, and Testing: PL1, PL2, and SIL4


2/11: Staff Dev. Day
2/12: Holiday

Mini-Project: Pong

The Internet: Cybersecurity and Crime

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Pong starter kit

If you get done with Pong, try Breakout. Here is a Breakout starter kit


2/15: Holiday
Mini-Project: Pong

Program or Be Programmed

Brian Harvey on the Beauty and Joy of Computing project

Apple vs. the FBI (general story)

Apple vs. the FBI (Apple's story)

Project Time

2/22--2/26 Mini-Project: Pong

will.i.am and others talk science/robotics/engineering

Make something cool. You have played with Snap! for several weeks. Make something you think is interesting. Don't worry about whether anyone else (incuding your teacher) likes it as much as you do. It's your thing. Do what you want.

2/29--3/4 Mini-Project: Pong Glenn Greenwald TED talk on privacy



3/11: Local Holiday
Lists Human Computation

List Labs (All)

3/14--3/18 Lists

Vi Hart Math Doodles

Facial Expressions

List Labs (All)
3/21--3/25 Lists RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Clock starter kit

Lock starter kit


4/1: Local Holiday
(Not actually an April Fool's prank)

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (Dan Garcia TED talk)

4/4--4/8 SPRING BREAK    
4/11--4/15 The Finch Robot The Great Robot Race Finch robotics
4/18--4/22   Danielle Feinberg of Pixar (h/t Daisy Renazco) B2B: Tanya Rider story (pp. 1--4)

Andrew Blum: What is the Internet?

Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

Edward Snowden TED talk

What does Edward Snowden think is important and what did he do? (Snowden's web site, keep potential biases in mind)

What criticisms are there of Edward Snowden's leaks?

A debate on Snowden's actions (this is the most balanced piece by far of these three)

The video of the debate (long, but really important and good)


Debate: "Government should have lawful access to any encrypted message or device.”

5/16--5/20 FINAL PROJECT

Microsoft's vision for 2019



Blown to Bits author Harry Lewis talks about the digital explosion

Building a human from a genome


5/31--6/2 Finals Week Finals Week Movie: Sneakers

Homework is due on the first day of class the week after it is assigned.

Unexcused late homework, projects, quizzes, and tests will be given a score of zero.  If you expect to have problems meeting a deadline, I need to know about it in advance.  Excuses after the fact will be given zero tolerance, barring a medical excuse signed by parents.