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Things Of Interest

Here are some links that may be of use as references:

Gender Issues In Computing

My wife, Suzanne, works at SRI International and does all sorts of excellent stuff because she has technical skills. It is very irritating to me to think that a huge portion of the population excludes itself from such opportunities, in large part because of social cues that begin at a very young age.

I present here some work dedicated to considering issues regarding gender and computing in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, this can get more people to care.

General Issues In Computing Education

There are things that can frustrate students in any subject. My hope is to avoid those things so my students do not have negative experiences with computer science.

About Paley

My favorite Wikipedia page (note the last item)

Technical Stuff


There are all sorts of free, legal things that can be obtained from the Internet to make getting work done easier. Here are a few; suggestions on others are welcome. Again, let me emphasize the word legal since some people have demonstrated in the classroom that they don't quite get it.

Be sure to read the license information. Licenses are generally full of grotesque legalese than nobody understands, but usually the distributor will somewhere distill the agreement (free, free trial, share, etc.).


Let's face it. People, when they ask about a programming class, want to know what language is being taught. While the question is reasonable, my own feeling is that learning how to program in general is the right idea. Then you can learn whatever language you want as needed.

The fact is that it isn't quite that simple (even though I maintain it is a good idea). One of the more annoying things about programming languages is finding good, concise documentation on libraries and nuances so you know what operations can be carried out on a given data type. The presentation methods are very different for the various links, below, but my belief is that they are all readable.

Data Structures

Java Useful Stuff

C++ Useful Stuff

Stuff To Do In Class When There Is No Stuff To Do

THERE IS ALWAYS STUFF TO DO! It's a computer science classroom with access to the Internet, for crying out loud!

Things To Do Outside Of Class

Non-Computer Science Study Things

Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that my wife, Suzanne, works in the Artificial Intelligence department at SRI International in Menlo Park? Cool, huh? So, she sends along a thing here and there. Here are some of those things.


Chess Stuff


NOW YOU KNOW!" -- Bill Nye the Science Guy