For the test, you will be responsible for knowing the following String methods:

  1. charAt
  2. indexOf (one and two argument versions)
  3. length
  4. substring (one and two argument versions)
  5. + (the concatenation operator) has a bunch of practice problems. Feel free to do them all, but in terms of covering these methods, the following problems should suffice:

  1. makeOutWord (two argument substring)
  2. nonStart (one argument substring)
  3. hasBad (one argument indexOf); && means AND
  4. nTwice (substring and length)

Here is a problem for charAt (Yes, it can be written using substring, but try charAt so you can learn it):

Write a method firstLast that concatenates the first and last letters of a word. A word is guaranteed to be at least length 1. Examples:

firstLast("cows") --> "cs"
firstLast("toasterhead") --> "td"
firstLast("x") --> "xx"